Mr. Lei Yuming attended the sharing meeting of urban elite designers of China design Toulu Society (Beijing)

On September 26, sponsored by Beijing Gaoli international lighting port, guided by the Design Committee of China Architectural Decoration Association, and organized by China design brand organizing committee, the "China design thoroughfare · city elite designers sharing meeting" with the theme of "foreseeing design, exploring the future" and taking "design re evolution" as the speculative core, was successfully held in Beijing International Collie lighting port.

Work together to create a good development atmosphere of "co creation, symbiosis and win-win" of the industrial chain.

Lei Yuming, founder of AM design brand, design director and founder of capital design · line, as well as a number of industry elite designers attended the sharing meeting.

One of the core activities of China design brand plan is the sharing meeting of urban elite designers of China design through society. Take the city as a unit, gather the elite urban designers, discuss the design value proposition and new design ideas in the future, link each other and empower each other. It has been successfully held in Hangzhou, Wuxi, Guangzhou, Dali and Foshan. This time, we come to Beijing to discuss topics such as "design re evolution", "lighting and space design", "lighting design and material application". All the guests present here offer suggestions and suggestions for a better life!

Forum on foresight design and future dialogue
Senior brand person, executive director of China Design Brand Conference
Dialogue guest:
Am design brand founder and design director
Founder of capital design
Lei Yuming
Famous designer in Hong Kong
Design director, LSD, Hong Kong, visiting professor, Tsinghua University
Liu Liangzhou
Founder of fanchen interior design (Beijing) Co., Ltd
Fan Qingchun
General manager of extraordinary space lighting

Cao junqiong

Topics for dialogue:
1. In the post epidemic era, what challenges and opportunities do you think will bring to our design industry in the market environment of internal circulation of the national economy? How should the design industry cope with the challenges and meet the opportunities?
2. "Foresee design, explore the future - design re evolution". It is the value proposition of this sharing meeting. May I ask you to talk about the innovative design ideas and measures of "re evolution" in the post epidemic era? Let's talk about their views on the "popular trend of lamps and lanterns" and their suggestions for the development of the lighting industry.
3. China design Toulu society is one of the core actions of China's design brand plan, and also an important action to explore design value innovation and brand building. Finally, please talk about a series of brand actions about "brand building of each enterprise".

Mr. Lei Yuming and all the guests have contributed wisdom and exchanged ideas based on their own brand building, post epidemic design trend, design value innovation and the popular trend of lamps and lanterns.


We will make joint efforts to build a more scientific and stable home furnishing industry chain. This paper discusses the value proposition of design and new design ideas in the future, which are linked and enabled by each other.

We will work together to design a better life for China,

Forge ahead!
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