Brand Culture

  • desire

    Only do design and communication products, integration of contemporary, casting classics, and dance with the world.
  • mission

    Let the service customer never regret. Adhere to the service principle of brand first and customer first, and always regard the interests of customers as self-interest
    Own interests, first to achieve customers, and then through customer recognition to achieve their own.
  • sense of worth

    1. To simplify the design, not to be ambitious, only to pursue the soul of the design work;
    2. Time is indeed valuable, only pay can have a return, constantly toward the perfect efforts, do not take detours, do not go back;
    3. Do not find excuses, just find ways to turn decadent into magic and make impossible possible;
    4. Warmly treat the global medium and high-end customers and provide customized customer service;
    5. Design with heart, create brand for customers with design and create value for customers with design;
    6. Deeply rooted in China and integrated with the world;
    7. All of them are friends, but am has no enemy;
    8. Encourage individuals to show themselves, give full play to their value, and advance bravely for their beautiful tomorrow;
    9. Am is the Huangpu Military Academy of the design industry, so that everyone has no excuse, no retreat, no escape, can only move forward;
    10. The courage to shoulder social responsibility, not only to do their own, but also to be responsible for the long-term development of the industry.
  • Talent view

    Execution is the first standard and attitude is the first.
  • Attitude

    Customer oriented, try to meet customer requirements. Service and product are the two core contents of AM brand. We are looking forward to establishing long-term cooperative relationship with customers through grasping the core links. Corporate culture teaches all employees to perform their duties and provide excellent service to customers at the highest level. That is, from the signing of the agreement, regard the interests of customers as their own interests, consider the problems from the perspective of customers -- strive for greater practical value and more profit possibilities for customers as far as possible, and escort the project. From positioning to cost, from detail quality to macro control, in the comprehensive service chain, we should guide customers to avoid detours as far as possible, so as to find a more suitable or valuable space life for them. Let the customer put in every cent can produce more generous returns.
  • management idea

    We have always adhered to the "four hearts" principle
    "Heart" to be a man with ease, to work persistently, to concentrate on design, and to serve sincerely;
    The driving force of enterprise development is to persist in continuous innovation;
    "Joy" comes from the specialty, and the specialty can surpass the excellence; the joy comes from the hobby, and the love can create the excellence;
    "Trust" confidence comes from a deep understanding of the nature of the industry; trust is the cornerstone of win-win cooperation.
  • service idea

    Let the service customer never regret. Adhere to the service principle of brand first and customer first, always regard the interests of customers as their own interests, achieve customers first, and then achieve themselves through customer recognition
  • brand image

    We always uphold the mission of creating value for customers, focusing on the creation of the target brand and its long-term operation and development. The purpose is to use 100% original design to give customers more value and realization possibility.
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