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    Walking into am,
    You will hear the sonorous and powerful step;
    Understanding am,
    You'll see a lot of color.

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    AM Design is headquartered in the capital Beijing, and has branches in Milan, Hong Kong and Xi'an. AM is a design management company with design as the core, integrating planning, design, construction support, soft furnishings, VI system, image guidance, and operation consultants. Committed to architectural design, hotel design, office·industrial park design, catering design, club·sales office design, commercial·complex design, public construction·cultural and educational design, and real estate·residential design, providing advanced customization for every customer Service, effectively control the project cost, and help customers improve their brand. Since the establishment of the company, every AM person has followed the "four hearts" principle to set the standard for the company's own brand image. "Heart" design with heart, sincere service, the more refined and careful with one heart, the more sincere the heart, the better; "New" Gou Rixin, new day by day, become a true creator and a true guide; "Xin" appreciates excellence, appreciates beauty, cherishes its own wings, and creates more value; "Faith" does not treasure gold and jade, but loyalty is treasure, AM Xu Renyan, upright and respect for benevolence. At present, the AM design team is composed of more than 100 Chinese and foreign designers. Technical talents with different backgrounds and professional supporting services are strong support for AM to stand at the forefront of the times. Over the past ten years, AM products have multiplied and won many well-known awards at home and abroad. At the same time, AM studies oriental aesthetics, deeply digs into the connotation of traditional culture, integrates the spirit of the times, and displays truly global designs with cultural heritage. The founder of AM DESIGN, Mr. Lei Yuming, provides prefabricated architectural decoration design services based on the concept of "innovation and practicality, technology and environmental protection", and has always been at the forefront of the times. AM design is pragmatic and always adhere to the tenet of taking service as the core and starting from the customer's point of view, carefully listening to customer needs and pain points, and looking for the best design service solution. Provide customers with 360-degree control. Escorted the project until it landed.
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    The only advantage of sustainable competition,
    From Surpass the innovation ability of competitors

    • 01 Custom Innovation

      Customized innovation, design and creation, we are not limited to a certain technique or style, we in each creation to dig regional culture. And local customs as the carrier, we only design belongs to the unique style of the hotel

    • 02 Multi-service

      Provide investment evaluation, positioning planning, architectural planning, interior design, soft furnishings, resource docking, construction support and other one-stop professional services

    • 03 Professional Guarantee

      Each professional team of experts to energy conservation, environmental protection, practical, systematic escort for your hotel project, until landing - chain guarantee.

  • Every morning,
    Our designers,
    They use their ideas and ideas
    To finish everything
    Unique design works.


    The only advantage of sustainable competition,
    From Surpass the innovation ability of competitors

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          The only advantage of sustainable competition,
          From Surpass the innovation ability of competitors

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