Design works should not only satisfy customers, but also satisfy themselves_ AM

The development of the times is faster than we think. Constantly updated lifestyle and constantly changing urban civilization promote our thinking and creation. The essence of the city is people. To meet and guide people's needs is our eternal pursuit of design. Urban civilization is not only the demand for the environment, but also the spiritual and aesthetic desire of people.


Am design since its inception, has its own understanding of design. We are committed to be an innovator in design field and R & D in industry. At the same time, to meet the needs of the audience, to create value for customers, to help customers shape the brand is the goal of AM design.

Am design looks at the world, based on the world. Always adhere to the international advanced design concept to interpret the essence of the oriental traditional culture. To achieve the integration and collision of Chinese and foreign cultures.


Facing the future, adhering to independent innovation, people-oriented, and helping customers establish a good brand image is the mission of AM design and the pursuit of am people.

Independent innovation and efficient service. Praise life with works! Salute the times with design! It is the attitude of AM design.


Am design always take the initiative to let themselves take social responsibility, always put their social responsibility in the first place, with their own efforts to promote a harmonious society, to be a good, respected corporate citizen.


Design is a way to express art and an interest. Design works are not only to satisfy customers, but also to satisfy themselves.

Building the dream of our country with the beauty of design


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