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As a place to deal with specific tasks at work or an office place that provides service work, the office needs to be designed to highlight the company and corporate culture. At the same time, the decoration style of the office can also reflect the personality characteristics of its users to establish a high-end Corporate image. Office decoration design is generally divided into four stages to carry out the work: plan stage, preliminary design stage, construction design stage and on-site construction supervision stage. So what goals need to be achieved in modern office decoration design?

AM DESIGN | Office lobby design of Beijing Lakala Holding Group

▲ AM | Office lobby design of Beijing Lakala Holding Group

1. Design

Office design has three levels of goals. The first level is economical and practical, meeting practical requirements, and bringing convenience to the work of personnel. On the other hand, it is necessary to minimize the cost and pursue the appropriate function cost ratio; the second level is beautiful and generous. Fully meet people's physical and psychological needs, and create a pleasing and good working environment; the third level is unique taste, the office is the material carrier of corporate culture, it must reflect corporate material culture and corporate spiritual culture, and reflect the characteristics and image of the company , Has a positive and harmonious influence on the staff in it. Although the goals of these three levels are from low to high, from easy to difficult, they are not independent, but have close internal connections. Excellent office design will achieve these three goals at the same time.

AM DESIGN | Beijing Lakala Holding Group Office Design

▲ AM | Beijing Lakala Holding Group Office Design

2. Decoration

The most important thing in office decoration is the choice of style. Generally, three styles are popular. They are: fashion, modern, and dynamic. Special emphasis is placed on the use of function and space. The space design must be practical and the office must reflect the company culture. The goal of office decoration is to make the decoration to the most precise and beautiful according to the characteristics of the industry and the needs of customers, so that the beautiful decoration can accompany people's work and study, so as to decorate people's lives and decorate people's dreams. In the process of pursuing this goal, professional decoration is positioned as a ruler, and the relationship between people, space, and nature is always closely integrated to achieve a healthy and green office environment.

AM DESIGN | Design of the elevator hall in the office of Beijing Lakala Holding Group

▲ AM | Design of the elevator hall in the office of Beijing Lakala Holding Group

Office design is the "first face" of an enterprise. Unique interior design can not only play a role in brand promotion, but also attract more high-quality customers to investigate and cooperate. It can be said to be the first-level criterion for judging the strength of an enterprise. With the improvement of the level of technology, the requirements for office decoration are no longer just a purely independent space for people to use, but more to reflect the feeling of simplicity, fashion, comfort, and practicality, so that people in it can work actively.

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