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Beijing · excellence Huasheng culture · science and technology innovation park design _ am

Project Information

Entry Name:Beijing · excellence Huasheng culture · science and technology innovation park design _ am

Project Address:Beijing, China

Project Area:m²

Project Type:Design of science and Technology Innovation Park

Project Time:2020.12

Design Team:Am design department 3


Conceptual analysis

Site photos before reconstruction

On the basis of retaining the original industrial remains, through the excavation of cultural resources and the embodiment of material texture, the cultural and artistic rebirth of old factory buildings is given.

The park combines art exhibition, art auction, film and television, takes creative culture as the breakthrough point, integrates scientific and technological elements, and creates a new road for industrial development.

Crowd positioning


Park concept planning



Architectural design

Building model


In combination with history, the precious industrial spirit and culture will be preserved, and the environment-friendly and healthy office space will be created with boiler, pipeline, flame and red as the elements, so as to create a stable, modern and international cultural and creative industrial park

General layout of the park


Functional structure analysis of the park


Combining industrial elements with national cultural advocacy, deepen the artistic atmosphere of the park.

Aerial view


Interior design

Inheriting the imprint of industrial culture, integrating coal, pipeline, rust plate and other industrial elements to create space.

Analysis of interior structure


design sketch


The white bare top office space is simplified in design to give the simple office environment of the enterprise.

The space made of concrete is matched with black pipes to create a calm and comfortable leisure atmosphere.


Night lighting



First floor color plan

Second floor color plan

Three layer color plan

Four color plan

Material sample


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