Beijing Hetian courtyard house design_am

Project Information

Entry Name:Beijing Hetian courtyard house design_am

Project Address:Beijing, China

Project Area:m²

Project Type:B & B design

Project Time:2020.12

Design Team:Lei Yuming, Gao Shan, Liu Mengyu, Wang Feng, Wang Xiangfeng


Location analysis

Hetian courtyard project is located in Miyun District of Beijing, surrounded by dahuangyan River and luqigu, which pass through the great wall of Ming Dynasty. It has unique natural scenery Danxia landform, where Yang Jiajiang once stationed.

The site is a courtyard, the old walls and windows need to be demolished and reconstructed, and the house area is not enough to be used, so we can use the sunshine room method to do part of the expansion. The courtyard is quiet and the scenery is pleasant. The three fruit trees in the courtyard are precious natural wealth.

Crowd positioning

 Parent child, pastoral, romantic, interesting 


Take it naturally · Using nature

 A cozy cottage in the garden 

Aerial view

Image wall design

You can make a big brain hole and display a group photo of all kinds of poses and image walls. Although it is a modern design language, it has a natural affinity with villages and mountains.

As people get closer to nature, the style tends to the idea of "taking nature and using nature". Integrate nature with "home".

garden design 


Every child can be as close to nature as possible,

The family will have a wonderful parent-child time.

Sunshine room design


The sunshine room on the roof turns into a multifunctional rest area. It's also good to sit around and watch the stars at night~


 Peace of mind is home 

For today's floating dry world, inject peace and tranquility. As the saying goes, mountains are lofty without words. Life is long, peace of mind is the place to go.

From the front room to the guest room,
The environment gradually became quiet,
Away from the noise,
Everything is trying to get you to sleep:

Have a good dream

Toilet design

Accommodation is the most important thing in tourism, but also become warm and comfortable, experience good to burst watch!

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