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Due to the characteristics of the financial industry, the stable and impressive office design of financial companies is an effective way to enhance customer trust. The purpose of the space design is very clear: maintain the space advantage, enlarge the visual transparency, create a shared space, and share all the time. Reflect financial capital and create a stable, artistic and classic office space.

1. Zoning design

Consider the basic work of business, technology, sales, and service in the office environment of a financial company, and design a special office space for the position department. First, plan the office area. The basic work and service department can be located farther from the office entrance. , It is convenient for customer reception and temporary outing work. The technical and sales departments need to communicate more in their daily work. The two departments are merged, and the workstations can be distinguished in a small area.

AM DESIGN | Beijing Chanlong Capital Financial Corporation Office Design

▲ AM | Beijing Chanlong Capital Financial Corporation Office Design

2. Manager's office design

Financial company managers not only receive important customers, but also need to keep abreast of the development of the company and business. A fully enclosed office is easy to form a sense of distance with corporate employees. To create a semi-open manager's office, the design can include glass doors or curtains, and different decorations can be used in different situations. Effectively reduce the degree of closure of the manager's office.

AM DESIGN | Beijing Chanlong Capital Financial Company Manager Office Design

▲AM | Beijing Chanlong Capital Financial Company Manager Office Design

The trend of renewal and iteration is no better than the simple and timeless aesthetics. The office design of such a financial company is stable and important, and the art classics are not afraid of the trend of renewal and iteration!

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