The hotel design that combines the theme with the hotel makes the aesthetic high and the experience better_AM

As the name suggests, the theme hotel is a combination of the theme and the hotel, with culture as the main body, hotel as the carrier, and guest experience as the essence. The theme hotel has a specific theme, which is mainly reflected in the hotel's architectural style and decorative arts, creating a specific cultural atmosphere, and customers can get a personalized cultural experience from a short stay. At the same time, the hotel design integrates service items into the theme, replacing stereotypes with personalization, allowing customers to obtain happiness and knowledge to achieve spiritual satisfaction.

AM DESIGN | Lobby design of Liaoning Baida Wanmei Hotel

▲ AM | Lobby design of Liaoning Baida Wanmei Hotel

The embodiment of hotel culture in the design of themed hotel determines the overall style and atmosphere of the hotel, which directly affects the overall impression and evaluation of the hotel by customers, and establishes the customer's first impression of staying in the hotel. Therefore, professional hotel design companies will reflect cultural themes in the overall style and atmosphere, so that customers can feel the impact of the theme culture as soon as they stay in the hotel. Leave unforgettable memories for customers.

AM DESIGN | Ballroom design of Liaoning Baida Wanmei Hotel

▲ AM | Ballroom design of Liaoning Baida Wanmei Hotel

Ingeniously reflect the characteristics of the local natural landscape and cultural landscape, and achieve a comprehensive effect between the hotel building and the surrounding landscape. In a beautiful environment, the appearance of the hotel needs to broaden the view of the landscape, and the low-rise hotels in the scenic area also pay attention to the beautification of the scenery. Hotels in different regions such as cities, seasides, villages, and grasslands have different cultural connotations.

AM DESIGN | Ballroom design of Liaoning Baida Wanmei Hotel

▲ AM | Ballroom design of Liaoning Baida Wanmei Hotel

Draw representative things from the surrounding natural environment and incorporate them into the hotel’s architectural style and internal space processing. The appearance of the theme hotel building shows the hotel culture. Choose distinctive architectural symbols to express the hotel’s culture and traditions, make the hotel rich in historical and cultural beauty, and convey richer cultural information and connotations. Architecture is one of the best carriers for expressing culture. Linking the architectural form of the hotel with cultural traditions is a higher aesthetic pursuit.

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