after the double festival, do you want to decorate and design the B & B_AM

The Ministry of culture and tourism released the tourism market data for the eight days of national day and Mid Autumn Festival holiday on August 8, which showed that 637 million domestic tourists were received nationwide, with a year-on-year recovery of 79.0% according to the comparable caliber; the domestic tourism revenue was 466.56 billion yuan, with a year-on-year recovery of 69.9% according to the comparable caliber.
This rare double festival holiday, many people say, this year's double festival is not the Spring Festival, but the double festival is the Spring Festival annual leave.
According to the data from the tourism platform, 79% of the tourists are from families, 75% of the demand for RV is growing rapidly, and the number of air tickets for three or more people has increased by 160% compared with the Dragon Boat Festival.
Family type and package type B & B were the most popular, and the order volume increased by 68% compared with last year.

See the above data, want to decorate the design of B & B you anxious?
How to use the last quarter to better survive and develop in 2021?

Am design thinks that the B & B project should not be standardized and copied. It should reflect and cater to the taste of consumers in the stock market, try the application of new technology, new materials and new equipment, create a differentiated B & B design, reflect the distinctive personality and regional characteristics, respect the local cultural tradition, show the cultural diversity of different regions and ethnic groups, and create a regional cultural characteristics B & B project. We should start to research and innovate with this idea.

Cultural heritage is very important. Both cultural and creative industries and B & B industry should make "Chinese culture internationalized and traditional culture younger". On the basis of the combination of design and operation, we should infiltrate internationalization and youth.

The current customer group is different from the original customer group, the lifestyle and attitude are also different, and there are great changes in the choice of accommodation products. The design should be extended to the whole process of experience to enhance the humanization.

Design with the attitude of operation to promote the profit of B & B. It is the mission of AM design and the pursuit of am people.

Am B & B design

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